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Day 1 Keynote

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming event on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, featuring the keynote speaker Josey Parks, sponsored by Malarkey.


BIO: Josey Parks


Industry celebrated CEO and venture entrepreneur Josey Parks is a leading technologist and contractor who has created a portfolio of technology companies in roofing, solar & home improvement.  His mission is to protect the heart of the blue collar industry by leveling the playing field through technology.  Expressing his commitment to contractors, he recently acquired the Win The Storm Conference to give Blue Collar Contractors a community of their own and directs the SVG University to enable contractors access to playbooks for building a successful business.  As a repeat Founder, Josey is a proven leader and category creator in roofing, technology & home improvement evidenced by his founding of Total Home Roofing, RFX, Roofix, Think Unlimited & Cognitive Contractor. A favored friend to many industry peers, Josey Parks was featured on CNBC's Blue Collar Millionaires and This Old House for his entrepreneurial acumen and impact on the roofing industry which garnered national recognition. Josey is a beacon in the contractor technology space, earning acclaim as a distinguished speaker at many of the nation’s top contracting and technology conferences—International Roofing Expo (IRE), Best of Success, Door to Door Con (D2D), DataScienceGo, Roofing Technology ThinkTank (RT3), AEC BuildTech, Western States Roofing Expo, and many more events. He’s always believed face to face at events is the best way to get to know the industry and create the change we want to see. Josey Parks is an advocate for bridging the gap between trade and technology, dedicated to preserving the heart of America’s blue collar workforce. He believes we are the change in our communities.mpowers every facet of our world.

Man & Machine: How Artificial Intelligence is Poised to Change the Roofing Industry

Does the thought of technology’s effect on the roofing industry make you anxious? Does the idea that robots could replace human beings make you angry? In "Man & Machine: How Artificial Intelligence is Poised to Change the Roofing Industry" Josey Parks says that—first and foremost—we must respond to tech disruptions and the evolving landscape of our industry with optimism and resilience: turn challenges into opportunities. Be ready for any changes. Explore and embrace using technology in effective ways to better serve our customers, grow our businesses, and help us make more money. Far from burying our heads in the sand, we need to stay informed, be proactive, and make sure that roofers are the ones who control the future of our industry – not the tech lords of Silicone Valley or the interests of private equity.  Get ready to embrace a future where technology is a partner, not a threat. This isn't just a "Man & Machine: How Artificial Intelligence is Poised to Change the Roofing Industry" session; it’s a guide for industry leaders and a clarion call to get educated and excited about the days to come..


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