12th Annual Community Service Day

Community Service Day

Tuesday, April 13 | 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Come to Las Vegas a day early, roll up your sleeves and give back to the local community by participating in the Community Service Day’s home renovation project. In conjunction with Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, we will help repair and renovate homes of low-income homeowners that are in need

  The 2021 details are still in the planning stage. Check back in the fall for more details.

Volunteers Needed

To help with the renovations, skilled volunteers are needed from a variety of construction disciplines including roofers, general contractors, project managers, home inspectors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, masons, plasterers/drywall, HVAC, tile setters and others.  Volunteers will work under the direction of a crew chief.  We are seeking volunteers from professional to amateur. Don’t feel skilled at all? No problem — there is plenty for you to do!


Attendees will be able to register for this event at the same time they register to attend the show.

There will be a registration fee that includes transportation, snacks and drinks. All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability Form. Please email your completed form to Michelle Rohmer

Financial Donations

Monetary donations are needed.  All donors will receive a tax deductible receipt.  Financial donations can be made at the same time as you register to attend or exhibit at the show.  Donations are made to Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada (Tax ID number #88-0323877).

2020 Project / Homeowners Bios

Below is an overview of the projects and homeowner bios from our 11th Annual Community Service Day that took place during the 2020 IRE event.  The 2021 details are still in the planning stage. Check back in the fall for more details.

Gary and Betty Collins
Gary and Betty Collins have lived in their house for ten years. The house was built in 1982. Gary is disabled and receives Social Security benefits. Until last year, Betty was employed and her income contributed to their expenses. However, she is currently under treatment for bone cancer and has other medical issues and is unable to work.

Veronica Trevino and son Jesus
Veronica is a single mother with a disabled son. She has been working most of her life, but medical conditions have made it necessary for her to stay home. Her son, Jesus, receives Social Security benefits and she is in the process of applying for them for herself as well.

John Quincy Adams Elementary School
The school is located in the low income neighborhood of Pleasant Grove. They have a caring staff and an active volunteer base of mostly hispanic families. Last Spring, we helped them start a community garden and it is still going strong using volunteers from the neighborhood.

About Our 2020 Partner:

Rebuilding Together North Texas restores hope and revitalizes neighborhoods by bringing volunteers and communities together to repair homes and lives of low-income homeowners. We enhance the safety, health, and quality of life for deserving seniors, veterans, families with young children, and people with disabilities. Together we are strengthening Dallas and the surrounding communities.

2020 Community Service Day Sponsors

Thank you to our Primary Sponsor, Sika Sarnafil and our Contributing Sponsors: K Post Roofing & Waterproofing, Carlisle Construction Materials, Centimark Innovative Roofing and Flooring Solutions, ICP Building Solutions Group and OMG Roofing Products for their support with this incredible day. 

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Event Contact Info

Questions regarding this heartwarming cause should be directed to Brandi McElhaney at 972.536.6392