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5 Smart Strategies to Make Remote Work REALLY Work

Virtual meetings and WFH will be a part of our business equations going forward. Here are five quick pointers for balancing your “return to the office” initiatives.

NRCA Training Program Improves Employee Quality, Productivity, Longevity

Not only will new hires become productive, engaged team members faster, but they also will know you are investing in their futures with your company and in the roofing industry.

Storms, Material Shortages, Volatility Converge with Market Slow Down

In the wake of two major weather events — the derecho that tore through the Midwest and Hurricane Laura that ripped over Texas and Louisiana — material shortages are converging with a decelerating market and an increasingly volatile election season.

7 Indicators Your Firm Can Maintain Its Value Without the Original Owner

Your goal should be to develop your construction firm to the point where it goes on whether you, the senior leader, shows up for work or not. It has the potential to become perpetual because it isn’t dependent on only one person.

Why Technology is Key to Recovery

Construction firms are quickly finding that technology can play an important role in their ability to be more efficient, work remotely and enhance the safety of their jobsites.

A Worker Tested Positive — Now What? And Other Key COVID Safety Questions.

The more pressing question roofers should be asking themselves is whether they have the combination of HR protocols and safety measures necessary to protect workers, subcontractors, customers — and ultimately the business itself.

Can You Answer These 4 Company Culture Questions Crucial to Hiring?

Today’s candidates want more than just a job and a paycheck. They’re looking for companies that share their individual values and will allow them to flower as human beings as they go about building their careers.

5 Ways to Successfully Implement Technology on the Road to Recovery

Adjusting business procedures in response to COVID-19 may have revealed how technology can help you operate more efficiently. Successfully implementing that technology is another matter. 

What New Stimulus Packages Offer — And What They Don't

Here’s what relief packages from both Republicans and Democrats propose, how they could impact roofers and what industry watchers are lobbying for.

Celebrate National Roofing Week

NRCA has announced National Roofing Week 2020 will take place Aug. 23-29 to raise awareness of the significance of roofs to every home and building. Usually celebrated in June, this year’s event was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four Compelling Reasons to Take Planning Seriously

No one in their 2020 business planning foresaw a major pandemic. And yet here we are; our carefully laid plans are in disarray to say the least. If plans are useless, why plan at all? Here are four reasons it's more important than ever. 

Workers Are More Stressed Than Ever. Here’s How to Help.

Under normal circumstances, roofing is physically and mentally exhausting. But in the midst of a pandemic, spiking outbreaks and continued social unrest, roofers are more stressed than ever — and need more support than ever from employers.

3 Powerful Ways Data Drives Success

Many roofing contractors make their business decisions based on their gut feeling or intuition, but that only gets you so far. It’s your data that will tell you what’s really going on in your business.

Why Closely Held Companies Need to Argue With Success

There are a few pretty solid reasons why the worst business advice ever uttered is, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." While it may seem sensible on the surface, here's why it's awful counsel when it comes to closely held companies.

8 Ways to Keep Workers Safe — and Business Humming

With COVID-19 cases soaring nationwide as localities continue to re-open their economies, it’s more important than ever for roofers to ensure workers are following safety protocols and wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE)

Roofers Need to Guard Against 'Waves' of COVID Liability Lawsuits

With many states reopening and employees coming back to work, it may seem as though the worst of the pandemic is finally over. But roofing companies need to start taking extra precautions now to prevent “waves” of liability lawsuits that are likely coming from workers and customers.

Technology Held Us Together — And It Will Move Us Forward

Now is the time to take a hard look inside of your business. Meet safely or virtually with your leadership team to identify areas for improvement. If you do not think you can objectively make an accurate assessment, consider bringing in a third party as a fresh set of eyes.

Don't Become Irrelevant! 5 Rules to Live By

The biggest fear for successful people: the fear of becoming irrelevant. If people believe they have become irrelevant, their happiness declines dramatically. Here are five tips to avoid the trap of irrelevance and maintain happiness.

Congress Gives Roofers Critical Extra Time for PPP

As roofers move forward with recovery, the federal government gave a much-welcomed helping hand with new guidance on PPP loan forgiveness and new legislation that extends the amount of time and flexibility to use the funds. 

Do You Need a 'Sanity Check?'

Business is more and more about teams and teamwork, and a leader needs a team of equals. The old model of having a monarch with a gaggle of subservients who rely on the king to make every decision, in his infinite wisdom, is long gone. 

NRCA Training Helps Roofers Fight Labor Shortages

NRCA offers its Training for Roof Application Careers, designed to equip new and inexperienced field workers with information and skills to help them become quality roof system installers. 

Roofing Report Paints Grim Picture for Q2; More Optimism for Q3

As economies reopen nationwide and roofers begin to look toward the future, new survey results paint a fairly grim picture for the next quarter, even as some optimism remains for the third. But those same roofers largely fear that 2020 business will be down compared to 2019, a new survey shows.

4 Reasons Long-Term Planning is More Important Than Ever

The pandemic has thrown a kink into how all of us do business. Even if you had elaborate and well thought out plans, conditions are suddenly different. If plans are useless, but planning is indispensable, how do we move forward?

Purposeful Leadership and Giving Back in a Time of Crisis

Leading a team or a company can be a challenge during normal times, let alone during the coronavirus pandemic. When the craziness of the virus started, this roofer was scared — then he remembered to lead. 

NRCA's Ribble Q&A: 'Major Declines' in Sales, Shipments; Some Signs of Hope

Recently, NRCA CEO Reid Ribble sat down with IRE Business Update for a far-reaching Q&A covering everything from the new round of PPP to pandemic-recovery lobbying efforts to what the new normal may look like for the industry. 

14 Things That May Change — and 3 That Decidedly Should Not

Media pundits — and even friends and neighbors — are speculating about what changes are likely to be permanent. Here's a list of 14 things that are likely to change on a more or less permanent basis. And three things that should absolutely not.

80% Report Sales Decline: Key Takeaways From NRCA Coronavirus Townhall

While some of the top roofers report minimal impact from coronavirus and remain optimistic about the rest of 2020, most roofers have seen a decline in sales. At the same time, roofers are struggling to understand how best to protect employees amid equipment supply shortages while maintaining their business. 


3 Ways a Tech-Focused Roofing Company Pivoted to Digital Amid the Pandemic

A technology-focused company took these three steps to make its business 100% virtual amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how the company did it — and what you can learn from that approach.

The Current Moment Needs Leaders. Which Type of Crisis Leader Are You?

We're in a period the likes of which most of us haven't seen before. There have been many, many disruptive, shocking, scary, and momentous events in my lifetime, but this one seems to have taken on a life of its own. In short, we need leadership like never before. Which type of leader are you? 

A $2 Trillion Relief Package: But What's in it for Roofers?

As the economic and health severity of the coronavirus pandemic sets in, roofers nationwide are left with questions surrounding the $2.2 trillion “phase 3” relief package. Other industry leaders are calling for additional measures to help contractors directly. 



A Leadership Formula for Unsettling Times

In any period of disruption, leaders must make incredibly quick adjustments on the fly. They must change how they think, change how they lead, and find ways to do business differently in challenging times.

Combating Coronavirus: How Roofers are Pivoting — and Finding Opportunities

Earlier this spring, roofers were raring to get started on what looked like the beginnings of a banner year. The economy was roaring, and jobs were plentiful, even the weather seemed to be cooperating. Then the first reports of coronavirus started coming in — and everything changed.

5 Key Ways to Manage Through the Coronavirus Crisis

In times of crisis, your employees, partners, and vendors are looking to you for leadership, guidance, direction, and optimism. The following are five tips for how to manage through this unpredicted and unpredictable circumstance. 

4 Reasons Roofers Don't Make Good Hires — And How to Fix that Problem

Contractors are not particularly good at recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining outstanding talent. What are some of the root causes that make contractors have weak, atrophied muscles when it comes to recruiting and hiring, and, more importantly, what might they do about it? 

4 Ways More Workplace Diversity Can Help You Better Recruit — and Compete

Studies show companies with more diverse teams outperform those with a more uniform workforce. And the roofing industry workforce shortage is driving contractors to create new recruitment and retention strategies. Diversity and inclusion are critical elements to this initiative.

Roofing and Mountain Climbing Share These 4 Unexpected Dangers

Now more than ever – for reasons like a potentially softening economy, accelerating technological changes, increasing regulation, and ever-intensifying competition – contractors need to plan, renew, and reinvent.

IRE Roundtable Reveals 5 Creative Ways to Find New Workers

For many roofers, the labor shortage isn’t just frustrating, it’s choking growth. But even in the midst of these difficult circumstances, some creative roofers are finding ways to recruit the workers they need to meet the demand.

Indecision Is Killing Your Business. Here are 7 Ways to Avoid It.

Decision making in many family and closely-held companies is broken. Many family and closely-held businesses refuse to make decisions! In 30 years of working with contractors, I could probably count on one hand the times that NOT making a decision was in the best interest of the company. Why?

2020 IRE Breaks Records, Makes History

Everything is bigger in Texas, and this year’s International Roofing Expo in Dallas was no exception. As of press time, final numbers were still being tabulated. But show organizers said there was no question that the 2020 show broke records in attendance and size.

The Best Employee Incentive Program May Surprise You

Contractors continually ask, “What’s the very best employee incentive program?”  How do roofers get their employees to do the right things at the right time? How do they improve employees’ abilities and willingness to think like owners? We think we've stumbled onto the best employee incentive plan, and so we want to share this intelligence. 

NRCA Offers Roofers New Pathway to Success

The roofing industry is constantly evolving, and as roofing contractors, manufacturers and distributors look for ways to grow their businesses, they also need to find ways for their workers to grow. Labor shortages and worker retention continue to be a struggle in the roofing industry, and NRCA is helping to address this issue through its national worker certification program,  NRCA ProCertification.

Cowboys' Jones Makes History as First Female Keynote Speaker

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of the Dallas Cowboys — a world-renowned franchise worth a jaw-dropping $5.5 billion — is arguably the most powerful woman in sports. And she'll be making history on Feb. 4 at 9:30 a.m at the IRE as the first-ever female keynote speaker.

A New Resource for Roofers is Here!

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