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Combating Coronavirus: How Roofers are Pivoting — and Finding Opportunities

Earlier this spring, roofers were raring to get started on what looked like the beginnings of a banner year. The economy was roaring, and jobs were plentiful, even the weather seemed to be cooperating. Then the first reports of coronavirus started coming in — and everything changed.

5 Key Ways to Manage Through the Coronavirus Crisis

In times of crisis, your employees, partners, and vendors are looking to you for leadership, guidance, direction, and optimism. The following are five tips for how to manage through this unpredicted and unpredictable circumstance. 

4 Reasons Roofers Don't Make Good Hires — And How to Fix that Problem

Contractors are not particularly good at recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining outstanding talent. What are some of the root causes that make contractors have weak, atrophied muscles when it comes to recruiting and hiring, and, more importantly, what might they do about it? 

4 Ways More Workplace Diversity Can Help You Better Recruit — and Compete

Studies show companies with more diverse teams outperform those with a more uniform workforce. And the roofing industry workforce shortage is driving contractors to create new recruitment and retention strategies. Diversity and inclusion are critical elements to this initiative.

Roofing and Mountain Climbing Share These 4 Unexpected Dangers

Now more than ever – for reasons like a potentially softening economy, accelerating technological changes, increasing regulation, and ever-intensifying competition – contractors need to plan, renew, and reinvent.

IRE Roundtable Reveals 5 Creative Ways to Find New Workers

For many roofers, the labor shortage isn’t just frustrating, it’s choking growth. But even in the midst of these difficult circumstances, some creative roofers are finding ways to recruit the workers they need to meet the demand.

Indecision Is Killing Your Business. Here are 7 Ways to Avoid It.

Decision making in many family and closely-held companies is broken. Many family and closely-held businesses refuse to make decisions! In 30 years of working with contractors, I could probably count on one hand the times that NOT making a decision was in the best interest of the company. Why?

2020 IRE Breaks Records, Makes History

Everything is bigger in Texas, and this year’s International Roofing Expo in Dallas was no exception. As of press time, final numbers were still being tabulated. But show organizers said there was no question that the 2020 show broke records in attendance and size.

The Best Employee Incentive Program May Surprise You

Contractors continually ask, “What’s the very best employee incentive program?”  How do roofers get their employees to do the right things at the right time? How do they improve employees’ abilities and willingness to think like owners? We think we've stumbled onto the best employee incentive plan, and so we want to share this intelligence. 

NRCA Offers Roofers New Pathway to Success

The roofing industry is constantly evolving, and as roofing contractors, manufacturers and distributors look for ways to grow their businesses, they also need to find ways for their workers to grow. Labor shortages and worker retention continue to be a struggle in the roofing industry, and NRCA is helping to address this issue through its national worker certification program,  NRCA ProCertification.

Cowboys' Jones Makes History as First Female Keynote Speaker

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of the Dallas Cowboys — a world-renowned franchise worth a jaw-dropping $5.5 billion — is arguably the most powerful woman in sports. And she'll be making history on Feb. 4 at 9:30 a.m at the IRE as the first-ever female keynote speaker.

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