Show Floor Education

Floor Education

Educational venues on the show floor make it convenient for you to experience illuminating and enlightening sessions to challenge conventional industry thinking, stimulate new ideas and address key issues.

Through the Roofing Institute Sponsored by Johns Manville, the Exhibitor-Presented Seminars and the GAF Education Center, the expo hall will be buzzing with inspiration and educational tips. 

The 2021 program is currently in the planning stage. Please check back in the fall for more information.

The Roofing Institute-Sponsored by Johns Manville

Experience small group business training with executive level professionals by participating in The Roofing Institute, sponsored by Johns Manville.    

Exhibitor-Presented Seminars

These 45-minute sessions provide outstanding opportunities to get exciting new information and in-depth analysis presented by our exhibitor community.

GAF Education Center

Dedicated exclusively to roofing industry education, this series of 45-minute sessions will help you build skills, think critically and work smarter. Presented by GAF.

Exhibitor Produc Clinics

Exhibitor Product Clinics

Learn tricks, tips and detailed instructions by key manufacturers as they present product, equipment and material demos.