Show Floor Education

Show Floor Education

Expand your technical skills and business knowledge on the show floor.

Show floor education areas offer busy attendees convenient opportunities to learn from top industry experts. Throughout the three days, attendees can participate in small-group sessions designed to help them expand their technical skills and provide real-world solutions to improve how they run their businesses.

The sessions cover a range of topics, including digital marketing, employee training, customer service, improving your sales, technical skills, and more. Show floor education is included with all registration packages at no additional cost. Seating is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Exhibitor-Presented Seminars provide outstanding opportunities to get exciting new information and in-depth analysis taught by our exhibitor community. These sessions will provide practical, innovative ideas and solutions to invigorate your business.

Whether you are a seasoned window and siding professional or new to the segments, these sessions will help you expand your skills and broaden your knowledge. Learn from industry experts from the Vinyl Siding Institute, Certified Contractors Network, and more. 

NEW for 2023 IRE Building clinics! These interactive demonstrations are presented by top industry experts in a real-world jobsite setting. Live building clinics, or some call them workshops, cover a range of topics including drywall, high performance, air quality, deck building, window installation, stair building and much more.