International Visitors Receive Louisiana Tax-Free Shopping

International visitors are eligible for Tax Free Shopping while in Louisiana by following 3 simple steps.

1. They shop at participating stores: All stores within a shopping center/mall participate.
2. Present a photo ID at the time of purchase and ask for a “tax free voucher” from each store.
3. Bring your passport and Convention-ID badge along with the vouchers and sales receipts to a refund center.

Refunds given in cash at the following Tax Free Shopping Refund Centers:

  • The Downtown Refund Center is located in the Riverwalk on the second level (next to the Convention Center).
  • The Lakeside Refund Center is located inside of Macy’s. This refund center is in Jefferson Parish, which is 15 minutes away from downtown New Orleans.
  • The New Orleans International Airport Refund Center is located in the main lobby of the New Orleans International Airport, by Concourse C.

To learn more about the program, please visit