IRE Video and Photography Regulations

The International Roofing Expo may allow approved press/media members and exhibitors to take photographs and video footage at the show at the discretion of Show Management. Please review the criteria below and complete the IRE Video and Photography Request Form if you wish to request permission. 

  • Explanation of video usage, shot requirements, and a production schedule must be submitted to show Management.
  • IRE reserves the right to decline photography or filming privileges after reviewing the project's schedule and purpose. 
  • IRE reserves the right to discontinue filming or photography at any time if the policies and procedures for filming (including the solicitation policy) are found to be compromised, or if the filming or photography is causing a distribution.
  • The IRE Keynote Session, Conference Sessions, Expo Hall Sessions/Presentations, and the Product Showcase cannot be photographed or videotaped.
  • Exhibitor/videographer/photographer cannot charge fees/money for any content filmed at the IRE.
  • IRE cannot store or be responsible for press equipment while at the IRE.
  • If you are not using IRE's official photography company, you must register your photographer/videographer as part of your booth staff to access the exhibitor floor during show hours.
  • Exhibitors needing to videotape before or after the published show hours must complete the Early/Late Request Form and submit it to Show Management.
  • All contractors shall provide a Certificate of Insurance.
  • All photographers and videographers must obtain a wristband from the Press Room. 


The following activities are ALLOWED for written editorial but are NOT ALLOWED permitted to be photographed videotaped/filmed: 

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Conference Sessions
  • Pre-Conference Sessions & Meetings
  • Expo Hall Sessions & Presentations
  • Product Showcase

Event Press/Media Contact

If you have questions please contact Danielle Griffin, Marketing Manager, at [email protected].