Community Service Day

Through the Community Service Day event that takes place the day prior to the IRE, we partner with a local chapter of Rebuilding Together to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income, elderly and disabled families.

Rebuilding Together believes that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home. Nearly 2.6 million Americans live in unsafe and unstable homes that pose a risk to their health and safety.

If you can't volunteer your time at Community Service Day, you can still participate by making a tax-deductible donation to the Community Service Day Project. There are three ways to donate:

  • Make a donation when you register to attend the show through the online registration process.
  • Make a donation on-site at the registration customer service counter at the convention center.
  • Donate directly to the local chapter of Rebuilding Together

National Roofing Week

Organized by NRCA, National Roofing Week takes place each summer. The mission of National Roofing Week is to increase awareness across the U.S. about the significance of roofs to every home and business and share the good deeds of the industry. National Roofing Week also promotes the importance of hiring a professional roofing contractor and making informed decisions about maintaining or replacing any roof system.

The roof is one of the most critical components of a home or business structure, yet often it's taken for granted until it falls into disrepair. NRCA encourages members to participate in National Roofing Week by engaging in their communities and informing the public about roofs and professional roofing contractors' essential role in every community.

In celebration of National Roofing Week, NRCA hosts a content each year along with a social media campaign to highlight its members and their contributions to the roofing industry. Members are encouraged to share photos and videos that focus on a different theme each day during National Roofing Week, tag NRCA and use the hashtag #NationalRoofingWeek.

The International Roofing Expo is proud to support National Roofing Week.