New Product Introduction Program

Below is just a sample of the new products that you will have a chance to explore and see in person at this year's International Roofing Expo. Make sure to visit with the exhibitors of these products in the exhibit hall. 

Marathon Roofing Products - Aluminator Retrofit Drain
Booth #805

Innovated and Improved - Marathon's Aluminator " All Aluminum" Retrofit Drain is constructed of Heavy Duty Spun Aluminum with Aluminum Clamping Ring and Aluminum Strainer.  Supplied with Strong Mechanical Seal that prevents water Back-Up issues. Standard 12" Long but NOW Available 22" long.  Aluminator can be PVC or TPO coated for direct hot air welding.

OMG Roofing Products - Hercules Plus RetroDrain
Booth #2223 & 2123

New Hercules-Plus RetroDrains feature an integrated vortex breaker that improves drain performance by increasing flow. Independent tests show Hercules-Plus provides up to 2.5 times greater flow capacity than original Hercules Drains. Vortex breaker also reduces chugging when a vortex collapses, which can overload the plumbing system. Fast installation; available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inche sizes.

OMG Roofing Products - OlyBond Canisters
Booth #2223 & 2123

New OlyBond500 Canisters are easy-to-use and do not require any special equipment. Each comes with a 25-ft. application hose, gun assembly, six mix tips and three extension tubes. OlyBond Canisters can provide up to 20% more coverage and up to 35 squares per set for maximum productivity. Designed for use in temperatures of 40°F to 100°F, and with 4-ft. x 4-ft. insulation boards.

OMG Roofing Products - PermaSnap Coping System
Booth #2223  & 2123

New PermaSnap is an FM approved coping system for parapet walls up to 32-inches wide and offers some of the highest wind ratings in the industry, up to an FM -120 rating. Snap-on PermaSnap improves productivity, is compatible with most roofing systems and is available with face heights of 4- to 12-inches. Designed with steel clips, concealed splices,
and dual-hook snap-on cover for a clean look.

OMG Roofing Products - RhinoBond Hand Welder
Booth #2223 & 2123

The new RhinoBond Hand Welder is designed to help roofers weld RhinoBond Plates in tight spaces such as under raised rooftop equipment and on vertical surfaces. The productivity tool features a vibrating handle and an indicator lights to let roofers know when the weld cycle is complete. The tool weighs six pounds, comes with three magnets, and operates on 110V & 220V power sources for global use.

Prazi USA - Prazi 18" Beam Cutter
Booth #223

New 18” Prazi Beam Cutter PR-8000 will fit most 7-14” & 8-1/4” Wormdrive saws including the New Dewalt Cordless Flexvolt and New Makita Cordless. Increases your cutting capacity from 2-1/2” to 18”. To see the Prazi Beam Cutter in Action you can visit us on Instagram or our website. Please visit us at the IRE Show BOOTH #223

Safety Hoist Company - Electric Material Hoist
Booth #1722

The Electric Material Hoist from Safety Hoist Company can lift up to 500-lbs. at an affordable price. Unlike electric or gas models in the past, our Electric Material Hoist allows for the safest possible operation. The operator stands up to 16 ft. away from under the load. He or she can also bring material back down. The Electric Material Hoist saves workers time and energy and prevents injury.