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Reaching the right prospects can be challenging. The IRE audience is made up of highly qualified owners, buyers and influencers that are actively seeking new brands and products to help them improve their business.

We have expanded our digital marketing solutions for our exhibitors. Whether you are looking to increase your brand’s position in the industry, generate new leads or launch a new product - we can help you reach your marketing goals.

Our knowledgeable sales team can help you create a package tailored to fit your company's budget and goals. Contact your Account Executive today.

Exhibitor List Examples

Exhibitor Listings

Showcase your brand to IRE attendees year-round through your digital exhibitor listing. Attendees search the exhibitor directory to find new brands, products, and services and to help them plan their trip to the IRE. Every IRE exhibitor receives a Digital Media Package that includes your website and mobile app listing. 

Increase your digital exhibitor listing exposure and gain access to leads with our Maximum Exposure Package.  This package lets you upgrade your listing to include more company assets, gives you priority placement in the directory listing, and access to online leads. When you upgrade, you will receive a lead from anyone with an My Show Planner account that visits or favorites your exhibitor profile. 

Targeted Email Blast

Targeted Email Blast

Reaching the right audience is easy with an IRE targeted email blast. IRE show attendees are highly qualified prospects with buying power. Increase your brand’s exposure in the marketplace by showcasing new products, promoting special offers, driving website traffic, or delivering educational content.

Rooftop Ruckus Email

Rooftop Ruckus Shared Emails

The IRE Rooftop Ruckus email offers you a cost-effective way to promote your brand to thousands of industry professionals. The shared email blast is ideal for promoting a new product or service, one of your best sellers, or even a special offer.

Website Banner Ads

Website Banner Ads

Placing a banner ad on the IRE website is a cost-effective way to create brand awareness and generate click-throughs that can turn into valuable leads. Banner ads are ideal for highlighting your company’s show presence, showcasing new products and services, promoting show specials, or increasing brand awareness. 

Exhibitor Direcotry Ads

Exhibitor Directory Ads

Enhance your visibility in the exhibitor directory and increase your brand awareness. Our exhibitor directory ads will drive more traffic to your exhibitor profile listing and help you generate more leads and sales. 

Digital Pre-Show Planner Ads

Digital Show Guide Ads

The Digital Show Guide is a resource for industry professionals attending or considering attending. It is published three times, two times prior to the show and a final version for show site. Purchasing of a digital show guide ad includes up to three insertions. Each version of the digital show guide will be emailed to attendees and prospects, posted to the IRE website, and promoted on social media. The final version will be available in the IRE mobile app.

Smart Ads Retargeting

Smart Ads Retargeting

Expand your brand’s reach by leveraging the power of the IRE website’s traffic. Retargeting advertising is a cost-effective way to remind your target audience about your brand continuously. Retargeting ads are great for promoting best sellers, introducing new products or services, building brand awareness, and generating new leads via website click-throughs.

Web Registration/Travel Sponsor

Web Registration/Travel Sponsor

Maximize your brand presence to the thousands of industry professionals that register online for the IRE.  This digital sponsorship will showcase your logo on the travel webpage and the attendee registration pages. Also, you will receive a digital banner ad in the attendee confirmation email.

IRE Chatbot

IRE Chatbot

Meet Regina the Roofer, the IRE’s official show expert chatbot. Enhance your company’s brand awareness by sponsoring Regina the Roofer. Your company’s logo will be visible each time someone interacts with the IRE chatbot. Users will be able to click on your logo and be directed to your website.

Mobile App

Mobile App

The IRE mobile app is the simplest and most efficient way for attendees to navigate the show.  Attendees use the mobile constantly throughout the event. Reinforce your brand, drive traffic to your booth, or highlight new products with our mobile app sponsorship options.

Roofing & Exteriors Digital Media Solutions

Media brand of the IRE. The media brand includes our data-driven website and content along with the weekly Roofing & Exteriors Update Newsletter and aligned social media channels.

Roofing & Exteriors is unique in covering the residential and commercial roofing industry along with other exterior projects, including siding, windows, and other adjacent segments.

Offering Advertising & Other Marketing Services
Learn more about branding opportunities on the R&E website, newsletter, and social media pages by downloading our Media & Marketing Services kit. In the kit, you will also learn how we can help you with lead generation, accessing readership data and insights, and other marketing services at your disposal. 

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Sponsorship & Marketing Brochure

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